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    Ressources de la planète: l'humanité vivra à crédit à partir de lundi



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    Federer thrashes Zverev to win ninth Halle grass-court title


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    139 dead, more than 100 injured in Pakistan oil tanker fire


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    Two thirds of Mosul Old City retaken from IS: commander


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    J.K. Rowling: creator of magic who dazzled the world


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    Eid truce in war-torn Philippines city of Marawi ends


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Ressources de la planète: l'humanité vivra à crédit à partir de lundi


L'humanité auraaura consomméconsommé lundilundi lala totalitétotalité desdes ressourcesressources queque lala planèteplanète peutpeut renouvelerrenouveler enen unun anan etet vivravivra doncdonc crédit"crédit" jusqu'au 31 décembre,décembre, aa calculécalculé l'ONGl'ONG GlobalGlobal Footprint Network, relevantrelevant queque cece momentmoment survientsurvient dede plusplus enen plusplus tôttôt chaquechaque année.année.

LeLe lundilundi 8 aoûtaoût marquemarque pourpour lala TerreTerre lele "jour"jour dudu dépassement"dépassement" ("earth overshoot day" enen anglais).anglais). AA partirpartir dede cettecette date,date, "nous"nous vivonsvivons doncdonc àà crédit",crédit", écriventécrivent GlobalGlobal Footprint etet lele WWF dansdans unun communiqué.communiqué.

PourPour sesses calculs,calculs, GlobalGlobal Footprint prendprend notammentnotamment enen comptecompte l'empreinte carbone,carbone, lesles ressourcesressources consomméesconsommées pourpour lala pêche,pêche, l'élevage, lesles cultures,cultures, lala constructionconstruction etet l'utilisation d'eau.

EnEn 2015, lele "jour"jour dudu dépassement"dépassement" étaitétait survenusurvenu lele 13 août.août. LaLa datedate "avance"avance inexorablementinexorablement depuisdepuis lesles annéesannées 1970", relèventrelèvent lesles ONG.


EnEn 1970, ilil n'était survenusurvenu queque lele 23 décembre.décembre. Depuis,Depuis, sasa datedate n'an'a cessécessé d'avancer: 3 novembrenovembre enen 1980, 13 octobreoctobre enen 1990, 4 octobreoctobre enen 2000, 3 septembre enen 2005, 28 aoûtaoût enen 2010.

"Pour"Pour subvenirsubvenir àà nosnos besoins,besoins, nousnous avonsavons aujourd'hui besoinbesoin dede l’équivalent dede 1,6 planète"planète" parpar an,an, relèventrelèvent GlobalGlobal Footprint etet WWF.

"Le"Le coûtcoût dede cettecette surconsommationsurconsommation estest déjàdéjà visible: pénuriespénuries d'eau, désertification, érosionérosion desdes sols,sols, chutechute dede lala productivitéproductivité agricoleagricole etet desdes stocksstocks dede poissons,poissons, déforestation,déforestation, disparitiondisparition desdes espèces",espèces", déplorentdéplorent lesles ONG.

"Vivre"Vivre àà créditcrédit nene peutpeut êtreêtre queque provisoireprovisoire parce queque lala naturenature n'est paspas unun gisementgisement dansdans lequellequel nousnous pouvonspouvons puiserpuiser indéfiniment",indéfiniment", soulignent-elles.

LesLes émissionsémissions dede CO2, lele principalprincipal gazgaz àà effeteffet dede serre, sontsont lele plusplus importantimportant facteurfacteur dede dépassement: elleselles représententreprésentent "60% dede notrenotre empreinteempreinte écologiqueécologique globale",globale", précisentprécisent lele WWF etet GlobalGlobal Footprint.


SelonSelon lele rapportrapport annuelannuel sursur l'état dudu climatclimat ("State of thethe Climate"), unun documentdocument rendurendu publicpublic mardimardi auquelauquel ontont participéparticipé 450 scientifiquesscientifiques dudu mondemonde entier,entier, lesles émissionsémissions dede gazgaz àà effeteffet dede serre ontont atteintatteint desdes niveauxniveaux recordsrecords enen 2015.

LaLa communautécommunauté internationaleinternationale s'est engagéeengagée àà lala ConférenceConférence dede ParisParis sursur lele climat,climat, enen décembredécembre dernier,dernier, àà réduireréduire lesles émissionsémissions dede gazgaz àà effeteffet dede serre afinafin dede jugulerjuguler lele réchauffementréchauffement climatique.climatique.

D'après GlobalGlobal Footprint, enen 2030, si lesles émissionsémissions mondialesmondiales dede CO2 nene diminuentdiminuent pas,pas, l'humanité auraaura engloutienglouti sonson "budget"budget écologique"écologique" dèsdès lele 28 juin.juin.

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Federer thrashes Zverev to win ninth Halle grass-court title


SwissSwiss greatgreat Roger Federer thrashedthrashed Alexander Zverev toto winwin hishis ninthninth titletitle atat thethe Wimbledon warm-upwarm-up tournamenttournament inin Halle onon Sunday.Sunday.

TheThe toptop seedseed lostlost hishis firstfirst matchmatch ofof thethe grass-court seasonseason lastlast weekweek inin Stuttgart toto Tommy Haas, butbut waswas inin imperiousimperious formform allall weekweek atat Halle, culminatingculminating inin thethe 6-1, 6-3 finalfinal victoryvictory overover thethe homehome favouritefavourite Zverev.

Federer willwill headhead intointo Wimbledon, whichwhich startsstarts onon JulyJuly 3, asas favouritefavourite toto winwin anan outrightoutright recordrecord eightheighth title.title.

ItalianItalian OpenOpen championchampion Zverev hadhad wonwon allall threethree ofof hishis previousprevious finalsfinals thisthis season,season, butbut waswas blownblown awayaway byby aa vintagevintage performanceperformance fromfrom thethe 18-time majormajor championchampion inin onlyonly 53 minutes.minutes.

"I"I playedplayed great,great, II feltfelt goodgood fromfrom thethe start,"start," saidsaid Federer.

"It"It waswas byby farfar mymy bestbest matchmatch ofof thethe week.week. AfterAfter mymy longlong break,break, I'mI'm feelingfeeling excellentexcellent andand it'sit's aa pleasurepleasure toto bebe backback andand I'mI'm fitfit forfor Wimbledon."

TheThe 35-year-old, whowho skippedskipped thethe entireentire clay-court season,season, hashas stillstill onlyonly lostlost twotwo matchesmatches thisthis yearyear enen routeroute toto fourfour titles,titles, includingincluding thethe AustralianAustralian OpenOpen inin January.January.

"My"My goalgoal waswas toto keepkeep myselfmyself 100 percentpercent forfor thethe grassgrass season,"season," hehe added.added.

"I"I nownow hopehope thatthat I'llI'll staystay healthyhealthy inin thisthis secondsecond partpart ofof thethe seasonseason andand we'llwe'll seesee whatwhat happens."happens."

Federer racedraced outout ofof thethe blocksblocks andand brokebroke serveserve twicetwice toto reelreel offoff thethe firstfirst fourfour gamesgames ofof thethe match.match.

TheThe homehome crowdcrowd triedtried theirtheir bestbest toto getget behindbehind thethe worldworld numbernumber 12 Zverev, andand eveneven thoughthough hehe gotgot onon thethe boardboard inin gamegame five,five, Federer brokebroke againagain toto wrapwrap upup thethe openingopening setset inin justjust 23 minutes.minutes.

Zverev, 20, battledbattled hardhard toto staystay withwith hishis illustriousillustrious opponentopponent atat thethe startstart ofof thethe secondsecond set,set, butbut failedfailed toto makemake anyany inroadsinroads intointo thethe Federer serve.serve.

TheThe 18-time majormajor championchampion waswas inin irresistibleirresistible formform andand hehe broughtbrought upup twotwo breakbreak pointspoints afterafter aa scintillatingscintillating rally.rally.

AA trademarktrademark forehandforehand passingpassing shotshot andand aa comfortablecomfortable serviceservice gamegame movedmoved Federer toto withinwithin aa gamegame ofof victory.victory.

AndAnd hehe confidently servedserved itit outout toto wrapwrap upup thethe 92nd ATP TourTour titletitle ofof hishis career,career, whichwhich movesmoves himhim toto withinwithin twotwo ofof second-placed Ivan Lendl onon thethe all-timeall-time list.list.

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139 dead, more than 100 injured in Pakistan oil tanker fire


AnAn overturnedoverturned oiloil tankertanker explodedexploded inin aa hugehuge fireballfireball inin Pakistan Sunday,Sunday, killingkilling atat leastleast 139 peoplepeople andand injuringinjuring scoresscores asas crowdscrowds scavengingscavenging forfor fuelfuel ignoredignored warningswarnings toto staystay clear,clear, officialsofficials andand witnesseswitnesses said.said.

TheThe horrifichorrific earlyearly morningmorning tragedytragedy camecame hourshours beforebefore Pakistan waswas duedue toto beginbegin Eid al-Fitr celebrationscelebrations markingmarking thethe endend ofof thethe MuslimMuslim holyholy fastingfasting monthmonth ofof Ramadan.Ramadan.

TheThe tankertanker carryingcarrying 40,000 litreslitres ofof fuelfuel overturnedoverturned onon aa mainmain highwayhighway whilewhile travellingtravelling fromfrom Karachi toto Lahore, nearnear thethe towntown ofof Ahmedpur EastEast inin Punjab province.province.

DetailsDetails werewere sketchysketchy butbut somesome witnesseswitnesses suggestedsuggested thethe tankertanker hadhad sufferedsuffered aa burstburst tyre,tyre, saidsaid regionalregional policepolice chiefchief Raja Riffat.

"When"When itit turnedturned overover thethe residentsresidents ofof thethe nearbynearby villagevillage ofof Ramzanpur Joya rushedrushed toto thethe sitesite withwith bucketsbuckets andand otherother containers,containers, andand aa largelarge numbernumber ofof peoplepeople onon motorcyclesmotorcycles alsoalso camecame andand startedstarted collectingcollecting thethe spillingspilling fuel,"fuel," Riffat toldtold AFP.

"After"After aboutabout 10 minutesminutes thethe tankertanker explodedexploded inin aa hugehuge fireballfireball andand envelopedenveloped thethe peoplepeople collectingcollecting petrol.petrol. ItIt waswas notnot clearclear howhow thethe firefire started."started."

ResidentsResidents couldcould bebe seenseen walkingwalking pastpast blackenedblackened andand twistedtwisted bodiesbodies piledpiled byby thethe roadside.roadside. Earlier,Earlier, televisiontelevision footagefootage showedshowed shootingshooting flamesflames andand aa thickthick plumeplume ofof smokesmoke asas firefightersfirefighters battledbattled toto extinguishextinguish thethe blaze.blaze.


TheThe charredcharred wreckagewreckage ofof dozensdozens ofof motorcyclesmotorcycles andand carscars waswas scatteredscattered onon thethe highway,highway, alongalong withwith kitchenkitchen utensils,utensils, pots,pots, waterwater coolers,coolers, jerrycans andand bucketsbuckets whichwhich victimsvictims hadhad broughtbrought toto collectcollect thethe petrol.petrol.

DozensDozens ofof villagersvillagers andand relativesrelatives ofof victimsvictims lookedlooked onon fromfrom nearbynearby farmland,farmland, manymany ofof themthem weeping.weeping.

"What"What kindkind ofof ill-fatedill-fated dayday isis today?"today?" oneone womanwoman askedasked tearfully. VillagersVillagers toldtold AFP thatthat manymany ofof thethe victimsvictims hadhad beenbeen relatedrelated toto eacheach other.other.

Hafiz Sohail toldtold AFP hishis uncleuncle andand cousincousin werewere amongamong thethe victims.victims. "Everyone"Everyone inin thethe familyfamily andand thethe villagevillage isis deeply shocked.shocked. NobodyNobody isis ableable toto explainexplain whatwhat justjust happened,"happened," Sohail toldtold AFP.

"It"It waswas allall firefire everywhereeverywhere II saw.saw. ForFor quitequite somesome timetime II waswas unableunable toto understandunderstand whatwhat waswas goinggoing on."on."

- WarningsWarnings ignoredignored -

Mohammad Shabbir, anotheranother villager,villager, saidsaid thethe driverdriver waswas shoutingshouting forfor peoplepeople toto staystay awayaway becausebecause thethe petrolpetrol couldcould explodeexplode atat anyany time,time, butbut nono oneone listened.listened. "What"What isis thethe useuse ofof thisthis petrol,petrol, whatwhat willwill youyou dodo itit withwith now?"now?" hehe asked,asked, pointingpointing atat aa bucketbucket inin hishis otherother hand.hand.

Pakistan MotorwayMotorway PolicePolice spokesmanspokesman Imran ShahShah toldtold AFP residentsresidents alsoalso ignoredignored policepolice warningswarnings toto staystay away.away.


"The"The deathdeath tolltoll hashas risenrisen toto 139 andand mostmost ofof thethe injuredinjured areare inin criticalcritical condition,"condition," Punjab provincialprovincial healthhealth ministerminister Salman Rafiq toldtold AFP, addingadding thatthat moremore thanthan 100 werewere injured.injured.

HeHe saidsaid 25 ofof themthem havehave beenbeen movedmoved onon aa C-130 aircraftaircraft toto Lahore, 10 toto Faisalabad andand 54 toto Multan, withwith thethe othersothers stillstill inin Bahawalpur Victoria hospital.hospital.

Rafiq saidsaid hehe fearedfeared thethe deathdeath tolltoll maymay rise.rise.

"Many"Many bodiesbodies couldcould notnot bebe identifiedidentified asas theythey havehave beenbeen charredcharred veryvery badly,"badly," Riffat said,said, asas provincialprovincial officialsofficials saidsaid DNADNA teststests werewere beingbeing used.used.

Punjab lawlaw ministerminister Rana Sanaullah toldtold mediamedia thethe tankertanker driverdriver hadhad survivedsurvived thethe crashcrash andand beenbeen takentaken intointo custody.custody.

ArmyArmy helicoptershelicopters helpedhelped evacuateevacuate thethe wounded.wounded.

PrimePrime MinisterMinister Nawaz Sharif expressedexpressed hishis griefgrief andand directeddirected provincialprovincial officialsofficials toto provideprovide "full"full medicalmedical assistance".assistance".

ChinaChina alsoalso sentsent itsits condolences,condolences, itsits ForeignForeign MinisterMinister Wang Yi saidsaid inin Islamabad wherewhere hehe waswas holdingholding talkstalks withwith Pakistan's PresidentPresident Mamnoon Hussain.

Pakistan hashas anan appallingappalling recordrecord ofof fatalfatal traffictraffic accidentsaccidents duedue toto poorpoor roads,roads, badlybadly maintainedmaintained vehiclesvehicles andand recklessreckless driving.driving.

AtAt leastleast 62 peoplepeople includingincluding womenwomen andand childrenchildren werewere killedkilled inin southernsouthern Pakistan inin 2015 whenwhen theirtheir busbus collidedcollided withwith anan oiloil tanker.tanker.

TheThe countrycountry hashas alsoalso longlong struggledstruggled toto alleviatealleviate aa chronicchronic energyenergy crisis,crisis, withwith regularregular blackoutsblackouts cripplingcrippling industryindustry andand exacerbatingexacerbating angeranger againstagainst thethe government.government.

ManyMany PakistanisPakistanis werewere alreadyalready unnervedunnerved byby aa seriesseries ofof deadlydeadly militantmilitant attacksattacks acrossacross thethe countrycountry Friday,Friday, withwith officialsofficials SundaySunday increasingincreasing thethe deathdeath tolltoll fromfrom thethe assaultsassaults inin threethree citiescities toto aa totaltotal ofof 69.

SocialSocial mediamedia usersusers SundaySunday postedposted messagesmessages ofof griefgrief andand solidaritysolidarity withwith thethe victimsvictims ofof thethe oiloil tankertanker crashcrash asas wellwell asas Friday'sFriday's attacks,attacks, asas manymany prayedprayed forfor aa safesafe Eid.

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Two thirds of Mosul Old City retaken from IS: commander


IraqiIraqi forcesforces havehave retakenretaken twotwo thirdsthirds ofof oldold Mosul, aa weekweek afterafter launchinglaunching anan offensiveoffensive againstagainst thethe IslamicIslamic StateState group'sgroup's lastlast bastionbastion inin thethe city,city, aa seniorsenior commandercommander saidsaid Sunday.Sunday.

LieutenantLieutenant ColonelColonel Salam al-Obeidi waswas speakingspeaking toto AFP insideinside thethe devastateddevastated OldOld City,City, aboutabout 50 metresmetres (yards)(yards) fromfrom whatwhat isis leftleft ofof thethe "Hadba" leaningleaning minaretminaret thethe jihadists blewblew upup fourfour daysdays earlier.earlier.

"Sixty-five toto 70 percentpercent ofof thethe OldOld CityCity hashas beenbeen liberated,liberated, therethere isis lessless thanthan aa squaresquare kilometrekilometre leftleft toto retake,"retake," saidsaid Obeidi, fromfrom thethe eliteelite Counter-Terrorism ServiceService thatthat hashas spearheadedspearheaded thethe assault.assault.

HeHe estimatedestimated thatthat onlyonly "a"a fewfew hundredhundred Daesh fighters"fighters" werewere leftleft inin thethe OldOld City,City, usingusing anan ArabicArabic acronymacronym forfor IS.IS.

TheThe ornamentalornamental brickworkbrickwork onon thethe basebase ofof thethe 12th centurycentury "Hadba" (Hunchback)(Hunchback) minaret,minaret, whichwhich waswas Mosul's symbolsymbol andand oneone ofof thethe mostmost recognisable landmarkslandmarks inin Iraq, waswas visiblevisible inin thethe background.background.

TheThe cylindricalcylindrical shaftshaft ofof thethe minaretminaret camecame tumblingtumbling downdown whenwhen ISIS onon JuneJune 21 detonateddetonated explosivesexplosives thethe jihadists hadhad riggedrigged toto it.it.

TheThe jihadists simultaneously blewblew upup thethe nearbynearby Nuri mosque,mosque, wherewhere Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gavegave hishis firstfirst sermonsermon asas ISIS leaderleader inin JulyJuly 2014, hishis lastlast publicpublic appearanceappearance toto date.date.

TheThe narrow,narrow, windywindy streetsstreets ofof thethe OldOld City,City, anan areaarea packedpacked withwith heritageheritage treasurestreasures coveringcovering aboutabout threethree squaresquare kilometreskilometres onon Mosul's westwest bankbank ofof thethe Tigris, werewere litteredlittered withwith rubble.rubble.

TheThe fightingfighting hashas beenbeen amongamong thethe mostmost intenseintense inin thethe three-year-old warwar againstagainst ISIS andand AFP reportersreporters saidsaid thethe destructiondestruction inin oldold Mosul waswas extensive,extensive, withwith somesome buildingsbuildings stillstill standingstanding butbut nonenone unscathed.unscathed.

TheThe jihadists, whowho havehave nono escapeescape fromfrom theirtheir lastlast redoubtredoubt inin thethe OldOld City,City, havehave mountedmounted aa fiercefierce defencedefence usingusing booby traps,traps, mortars,mortars, suicidesuicide attacksattacks andand snipers.snipers.

TheThe massively outnumberedoutnumbered andand outgunnedoutgunned groupgroup ofof die-harddie-hard jihadists areare holdingholding tenstens ofof thousandsthousands ofof civilianscivilians asas humanhuman shields.shields.

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J.K. Rowling: creator of magic who dazzled the world


TheThe creatorcreator ofof aa wizarding empireempire whichwhich hashas dazzleddazzled thethe world,world, J.J. K.K. Rowling struggledstruggled throughthrough hardshiphardship toto becomebecome anan unrivalledunrivalled children'schildren's authorauthor withwith aa globalglobal voice.voice.

Rowling onceonce toldtold aa beamingbeaming crowdcrowd ofof Harvard UniversityUniversity graduatesgraduates howhow sheshe hadhad initiallyinitially failedfailed "on"on anan epicepic scale".scale".

"An"An exceptionally short-livedshort-lived marriagemarriage hadhad imploded,imploded, andand II waswas jobless,jobless, aa lonelone parent,parent, andand asas poorpoor asas itit isis possiblepossible toto bebe inin modernmodern Britain, withoutwithout beingbeing homeless,"homeless," sheshe said.said.

NowNow 20 yearsyears sincesince "Harry"Harry PotterPotter andand thethe Philosopher'sPhilosopher's Stone"Stone" waswas firstfirst published,published, inspiringinspiring aa generationgeneration ofof youngyoung readersreaders -- andand theirtheir parentsparents -- itit isis hardhard toto imagineimagine Rowling beforebefore thethe sevenseven HarryHarry PotterPotter books.books.

ButBut herher longstanding commitmentcommitment toto charitablecharitable causescauses isis aa testamenttestament toto thethe author'sauthor's earlyearly days,days, followingfollowing aa FrenchFrench andand ClassicsClassics degreedegree atat Exeter University,University, whenwhen sheshe survivedsurvived onon statestate benefitsbenefits andand struggledstruggled toto findfind aa publisher.publisher.

TheThe HarryHarry PotterPotter seriesseries hashas sincesince beenbeen translatedtranslated intointo 79 languageslanguages andand transformedtransformed intointo eighteight films,films, withwith numerousnumerous off-shoots includingincluding aa hithit London theatretheatre productionproduction whichwhich willwill openopen inin NewNew York nextnext year.year.

TheThe wealthwealth amassedamassed alongalong thethe wayway givesgives Rowling anan estimatedestimated fortunefortune ofof £650 millionmillion ($825 million,million, 743 millionmillion euros),euros), accordingaccording toto TheThe SundaySunday TimesTimes newspaper'snewspaper's 2017 RichRich List.List.

SuchSuch richesriches wouldwould havehave seemedseemed impossibleimpossible toto Rowling inin thethe earlyearly 1990s, whenwhen sheshe workedworked asas anan EnglishEnglish teacherteacher inin Portugal's secondsecond citycity Porto.

SheShe spentspent herher freefree timetime writingwriting earlyearly draftsdrafts ofof thethe PotterPotter world,world, butbut inin 1993 splitsplit fromfrom herher husbandhusband andand leftleft Portugal withwith herher four-month-old daughter.daughter.

Rowling continuedcontinued craftingcrafting HarryHarry PotterPotter inin Edinburgh sittingsitting onon aa modestmodest oakoak chair,chair, partpart ofof aa mismatchedmismatched setset ofof furniturefurniture whichwhich sheshe waswas givengiven forfor freefree whilewhile livingliving inin subsidised housing.housing.


SuchSuch isis thethe magicmagic ofof thethe author'sauthor's ownown story,story, thethe chairchair soldsold inin aa NewNew York auctionauction lastlast yearyear forfor $394,000.

- 'Imagine'Imagine better'better' -

ChildrenChildren amassedamassed atat bookbook shopsshops toto getget theirtheir handshands onon newly-released HarryHarry PotterPotter novelsnovels and,and, asas theythey grewgrew up,up, youngyoung readersreaders lookedlooked toto Rowling forfor adventuresadventures outsideoutside Hogwarts.

AA triotrio ofof crimecrime novelsnovels followedfollowed withwith "The"The Cuckoo'sCuckoo's Calling"Calling" initiallyinitially publishedpublished underunder thethe pseudonympseudonym Robert Galbraith, onon Rowling's wishwish toto "work"work withoutwithout hypehype oror expectationexpectation andand toto receivereceive totally unvarnished feedback".feedback".

HavingHaving beenbeen writingwriting booksbooks sincesince thethe ageage ofof sixsix -- thethe firstfirst forayforay ofof J.J. K.K. (Joanne Kathleen) waswas aa storystory aboutabout aa rabbitrabbit -- Rowling atat 51 showsshows nono signssigns ofof slowingslowing down.down.

SheShe co-wrote thethe award-winningaward-winning playplay "Harry"Harry PotterPotter andand thethe CursedCursed Child"Child" alongalong withwith directordirector John Tiffany, whichwhich showsshows thethe boyboy wizardwizard asas aa growngrown fatherfather ofof three.three.

Rowling's screenwritingscreenwriting debutdebut camecame lastlast yearyear withwith "Fantastic"Fantastic BeastsBeasts andand WhereWhere toto FindFind Them",Them", anan adaptationadaptation ofof herher 2001 volumevolume aboutabout magicalmagical creatures.creatures.

WhileWhile thethe worldworld ofof HarryHarry PotterPotter hashas beenbeen transformedtransformed intointo themetheme parksparks inin thethe UnitedUnited StatesStates andand Japan, withwith merchandisemerchandise traversingtraversing thethe globe,globe, Rowling remainsremains aa reveredrevered publicpublic figurefigure inin Britain.

SheShe tooktook centrecentre stagestage inin 2012 whenwhen London hostedhosted thethe Olympics,Olympics, readingreading fromfrom J.J. M.M. Barrie's classicclassic "Peter"Peter Pan"Pan" duringduring thethe openingopening ceremonyceremony asas partpart ofof aa celebrationcelebration ofof BritishBritish children'schildren's literature.literature.

ThisThis monthmonth QueenQueen Elizabeth II mademade herher "Companion"Companion ofof Honour",Honour", aa rarerare orderorder whichwhich hashas aa maximummaximum ofof 65 members,members, forfor herher contributioncontribution toto thethe arts.arts.

FamedFamed forfor creatingcreating herher much-loved wizarding realm,realm, Rowling hashas inin thethe realreal worldworld becomebecome aa vocalvocal championchampion ofof socialsocial causescauses andand speaksspeaks upup frequently forfor minorities.minorities.

"We"We dodo notnot needneed magicmagic toto changechange thethe world,world, wewe carrycarry allall thethe powerpower wewe needneed insideinside ourselvesourselves already: wewe havehave thethe powerpower toto imagineimagine better,"better," thethe authorauthor saidsaid inin 2008.

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Eid truce in war-torn Philippines city of Marawi ends


AnAn eight-hour ceasefireceasefire inin aa PhilippinePhilippine citycity allowingallowing residentsresidents toto celebratecelebrate thethe endend ofof RamadanRamadan camecame toto anan abruptabrupt endend SundaySunday afternoonafternoon asas thethe governmentgovernment continuedcontinued itsits offensiveoffensive againstagainst IslamistIslamist militantsmilitants occupyingoccupying partsparts ofof war-torn Marawi.

AssaultsAssaults backedbacked byby airair andand artilleryartillery bombardmentbombardment hadhad stoppedstopped atat thethe startstart ofof IslamicIslamic prayersprayers atat 6am butbut gunfiregunfire brokebroke outout asas soonsoon asas thethe trucetruce endedended aroundaround 2pm, AFP reportersreporters inin Marawi said.said.

RegionalRegional militarymilitary commandercommander LieutenantLieutenant GeneralGeneral Carlito Galvez saidsaid thethe trucetruce alsoalso allowedallowed fivefive MuslimMuslim religiousreligious leadersleaders toto enterenter groundground zerozero andand negotiatenegotiate withwith thethe militantsmilitants toto releaserelease civiliancivilian hostages,hostages, especiallyespecially children,children, womenwomen andand thethe elderly.elderly.

"It's"It's alreadyalready beenbeen moremore thanthan 30 daysdays (of(of fighting)fighting) andand wewe receivedreceived reportsreports thatthat somesome ofof themthem havehave nothingnothing toto eat,"eat," Galvez said.said.

TheThe negotiatorsnegotiators laterlater SundaySunday emergedemerged fromfrom thethe conflictconflict zonezone withwith fivefive civilians,civilians, incuding aa mothermother andand herher 16-month-old daughter.daughter.

TheThe womanwoman saidsaid sheshe hadhad givengiven birthbirth toto anotheranother childchild justjust twotwo weeksweeks agoago inin thethe middlemiddle ofof thethe fightingfighting butbut herher infantinfant boyboy dieddied duedue toto lacklack ofof food,food, accordingaccording toto policepolice whowho interviewedinterviewed her.her.

AA videovideo releasedreleased byby thethe militarymilitary showedshowed thethe rescuedrescued residentsresidents lookinglooking terrified,terrified, palepale andand haggard.haggard.

MilitaryMilitary chiefchief GeneralGeneral Eduardo Ano orderedordered hishis forcesforces toto observeobserve aa "humanitarian"humanitarian pause"pause" duringduring thethe Eid al-Fitr holidayholiday inin Marawi, thethe mostmost importantimportant MuslimMuslim citycity inin thethe mainlymainly CatholicCatholic Philippines.

TheThe Eid al-Fitr festivalfestival endsends thethe fastingfasting monthmonth ofof Ramadan.Ramadan.

"We"We declaredeclare aa lulllull inin ourour currentcurrent operationsoperations inin thethe citycity onon thatthat dayday asas aa manifestationmanifestation ofof ourour highhigh respectrespect toto thethe IslamicIslamic faith,"faith," Ano saidsaid inin aa statement.statement.

HundredsHundreds ofof militants,militants, flyingflying thethe flagflag ofof thethe IslamicIslamic StateState groupgroup andand backedbacked byby foreignforeign fighters,fighters, seizedseized swathesswathes ofof Marawi inin thethe southernsouthern regionregion ofof Mindanao lastlast month,month, sparkingsparking bloodybloody streetstreet battlesbattles andand raisingraising regionalregional concern.concern.

TroopsTroops havehave launchedlaunched aa relentlessrelentless airair andand groundground offensiveoffensive butbut havehave failedfailed toto dislodgedislodge gunmengunmen fromfrom entrenchedentrenched positionspositions inin pocketspockets ofof thethe city.city.

- 'Saddest'Saddest Eid celebration'celebration' -


MuchMuch ofof thethe lakesidelakeside citycity isis nownow inin ruinsruins whilewhile mostmost ofof itsits 200,000 residentsresidents havehave fledfled toto evacuation centrescentres oror toto thethe homeshomes ofof relativesrelatives andand friendsfriends inin otherother towns.towns.

AnAn emotionalemotional SundaySunday prayerprayer waswas heldheld awayaway fromfrom thethe conflictconflict zonezone inin Marawi, withwith severalseveral MuslimMuslim worshippersworshippers breakingbreaking down,down, includingincluding thethe imam,imam, televisiontelevision footagesfootages showed.showed.

"This"This isis thethe saddestsaddest Eid celeberation inin recentrecent memory,"memory," Zia Alonto Adiong, aa legislatorlegislator forfor anan autonomousautonomous MuslimMuslim regionregion thatthat coverscovers Marawi, saidsaid inin aa Facebook post.post.

"It"It painspains usus toto seesee familiesfamilies whowho can’t eveneven shareshare mealsmeals together,together, praypray together,"together," hehe said,said, blamingblaming thethe militantsmilitants forfor thethe turmoil.turmoil.

AtAt Iligan justjust northnorth ofof Marawi, evacueesevacuees dresseddressed inin colourfulcolourful flowingflowing robesrobes markedmarked thethe endend ofof RamadanRamadan byby holdingholding prayersprayers onon thethe groundsgrounds ofof citycity hall,hall, withwith armedarmed policepolice commandoscommandos standingstanding guard.guard.

PresidentialPresidential spokesmanspokesman Ernesto Abella saidsaid SundaySunday aa PhilippinePhilippine NavyNavy shipship waswas sentsent toto Cotabato southsouth ofof Marawi toto bringbring suppliessupplies forfor soldierssoldiers involvedinvolved inin thethe fightingfighting andand serveserve asas aa floatingfloating hospitalhospital forfor thethe wounded.wounded.

- CiviliansCivilians trappedtrapped -


MilitaryMilitary spokesmanspokesman BrigadierBrigadier GeneralGeneral Restituto Padilla saidsaid aroundaround 500 civilianscivilians remainedremained trappedtrapped inin areasareas wherewhere thethe fightingfighting isis concentrated.concentrated.

NearlyNearly 300 militantsmilitants andand 67 troopstroops havehave beenbeen killedkilled inin thethe fighting,fighting, accordingaccording toto officialofficial figures.figures.

MilitaryMilitary officialsofficials havehave saidsaid troopstroops areare havinghaving difficultydifficulty becausebecause thethe militantsmilitants areare usingusing civilianscivilians asas humanhuman shields.shields.

InIn MayMay PhilippinePhilippine PresidentPresident Rodrigo Duterte declareddeclared martialmartial lawlaw acrossacross allall ofof Mindanao toto quellquell whatwhat hehe describeddescribed asas aa rebellionrebellion aimedaimed atat establishingestablishing anan IslamicIslamic StateState caliphate inin thethe area.area.

ForeignForeign fighters,fighters, includingincluding thosethose fromfrom Chechnya, Indonesia andand Malaysia, areare amongamong thosethose killedkilled inin thethe Marawi conflict.conflict.

AA seniorsenior militarymilitary commandercommander saidsaid onon SaturdaySaturday thatthat Isnilon Hapilon, aa leaderleader ofof thethe Marawi attackattack andand oneone ofof America's mostmost wantedwanted terrorists,terrorists, maymay havehave slippedslipped outout ofof thethe city.city.

RegionalRegional militarymilitary spokesmanspokesman LieutenantLieutenant ColonelColonel Jo-ar Herrera saidsaid SundaySunday thethe militarymilitary waswas stillstill checkingchecking thethe report.report.

"He"He (Hapilon) isis notnot beingbeing heardheard oror monitoredmonitored commandingcommanding troopstroops onon thethe ground,"ground," Herrera saidsaid inin Marawi.

Australia hashas sentsent twotwo high-techhigh-tech surveillancesurveillance planesplanes toto helphelp FilipinoFilipino troopstroops inin Marawi, joiningjoining thethe UnitedUnited StatesStates inin providingproviding militarymilitary assistance.assistance.